An easy way to learn Spanish

an easy way to learn spanish

An easy way to learn Spanish Learning another language can be hard, especially later in life. While many of us had to take a foreign language in high school and college most of us barley remember any of it or just took the class because we had to. While learning another language offers a number…

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Top ten Spanish learning tips

top ten spanish learning tips

Top ten Spanish learning tips Learning another language is a wonderful skill to add to your repertoire. In the United States Spanish is the second most common language spoken. Regardless of how you feel regarding the prevalence of Spanish; learning to speak and understand it is an invaluable asset. Many jobs look for or even…

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7 Ways To Encourage Yourself When Studying A Foreign Language.


Determination is a tricky thing, isn’t it? If you are among the brave souls attempting to learn a foreign language on your own you’ll be sure to run out of motivation some time. Here’s a collection of my best tricks to help you finish what you started. Keep track of your progress. Make a chart…

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